I can’t do Mum Groups

There. I said it.

I just can’t!

Mum: Today my lazy husband did this *****. He’s driving me mad!

Me in my head: If he’s making your life that crap then leave him.

Mum: “Oh, but he’s so lovely when…”

Me in my head : *eye roll* “Just shut up already…”

And repeat.

Another variation of it.

Smug mum post.

Moan about privileged middle class life.

And repeat.

I just feel so out of touch with it all. So on the outskirts. One moment I was grumbling with the best of them. Asking for tips as to where to go for romantic weekends.

Then all of a sudden, just like that, I was an alien.

I can’t relate to them. I highly doubt they can relate to me.

Once in a while you get the odd “Hats off to you single mums, I solo parented all week and it was so hard, the kids had to have pizza one night!!!”

Where’s my tiny violin?

They ain’t got a f**king clue.

It’s weird how your marital status can affect so much, but it just does. Maybe there’s some resentment on my part.

Most likely, let’s be honest.

That whole #firstworldproblems is kind of how I feel when I see someone moan about an itch in an otherwise happy marriage.

Maybe one day I won’t resent all you happy buggers. Maybe I’m just feeling bitchy because I saw my divorce lawyer today*.

But urgh. What I’d do for an incompetent husband over an evil almost ex husband sucking all the funds out of my bank account.

What I’d do to not feel like an outsider. Most the time I embrace my fresh start on life. But those groups give me an insight into the life of people who are settled and content and, I won’t lie, it stings..

*highly likely